Your private portrait session is scheduled by appointment only. I never schedule more than 3 appointments a day. This ensures that I'm at my best, that our time together is relaxed, and that we capture the best time of day for your child.

Plan on 45 minutes to 1 Hour for your portrait session.

Newborn Sessions tend to run a bit longer, as we take more breaks for feeding and more set ups.



Prior to our Photo Session


We will have a phone consult so I can answer any questions you have, discuss the feeling and look of your portraits, plan locations, backdrops & clothing. I may even ask you to email me a photo of the clothing you've selected, this will assist me in coordinating the best backdrops and setups for your session.

(Most planning sessions can be done over the phone)




Only 1 to 3 days after your session, I will post up to 40 creatively edited images in your private password protected on-line gallery for viewing. This gallery will be posted for 10 days, please call or email Ginny when you are ready to make your final selections. There is no need to come back into the studio, we can do everything over the phone.




I will be happy to tag up to 4 images to Facebook and/or Instragram. Email me to request, as I will only post/tag upon written request.

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PLEASE Do NOT COPY, SCREENSHOT or POST any images from this website onto social media. All images are protected by The US Copyright ACT.




up to1 week for FINAL Portraits & Cards

1-2 weeks for Framed Portraits/Gift items

(Rush orders available upon request)




Note to Mom & Dad


#1 advice to Mom and Dad... Please do not get frustrated or yell at your child to SMILE or say CHEESE!!! Your children want to please you, and when you say "smile", they just try to hard, it may be a smile, but not usually what we are looking for. Everyone's favorite portraits are those where your child has that sparkle in their eye, weather they are smiling or not!

Leave it to me, I know all the tricks!


*Placing too much pressure on your child by telling them how important these photos are to you can stress the shoot before we begin. My goal is to keep the energy level in my studio very relaxed and fun. Tell your children they are going to Miss Ginny's to play.



*I do not time my photo sessions, I always schedule plenty of time so we never feel rushed. Most sessions tend to run less an hour with babies and small children. I am always setup before you arrive, so once you enter my studio my full attention is on you and your family.



*Newborn sessions tend to run about an hour and a half to 2 hours, allowing time for feeding, changing clothing, diapers. I keep a very quiet, warm & relaxed energy in the studio.



*Those adorable, energetic, curious toddlers we try to move along a bit quicker, they seem to know when they are done and we don't want to miss our window of opportunity. My toddler sessions tend to last under 45 minutes and I do not reccommend clothing changes, bring layers, a jacket or sweater for a different look. (changing a toddler outfit during the session has been know to end the session lol)


*Everyone will need to be flexible once you arrive at the studio. If the first idea doesn't work, be open to change.



*Children usually react very well when we have mom or dad singing, dancing and acting pretty silly, so be ready for a workout! BUT PLEASE DO NOT STRESS or YELL at your child during the session. When you stress, your child Stresses.



*At some point in our photo session, I may ask Mom and/or Dad to help me get your child's attention in a certain direction. But unless Mom and/or Dad are behind me and my camera, I ask that you please do not try to get your child's attention. Many times, I'll ask you to sit or stand next to your child and you will be on "baby patrol". Any parent on "baby patrol duty" is on call to make sure your child is safe from falling over, or helping me keep them in a certain area. Baby Patrol is a silent position, please do not call out your child's name and tell them "look at Miss Ginny"! I know all the tricks, no worries, I will get your child's attention!



*We all love when Grandma comes over to play, but unfortunately Grandma and friends can sometimes be very distracting to our smallest subjects. Only Mom & Dad or those having their portraits taken should be included at the photo session.



Things to Think About before The Photo Shoot!




The best location for a portrait is one where your child will feel most comfortable. Studio portraits are perfect for newborns, babies and young children.

I keep my studio very clean, any props, blankets or clothing that has been use for any of my clients will be cleaned and disinfected before they are put away.

Within the studio I have temperature control to keep it nice and warm for our newborns and comfortable year round for my bigger clients.

With an active or inquisitive toddler it often becomes hectic for the parents and photographer to keep them within the parameters of the studio background and lights. Instead, weather permitting, we will take your little one's portrait in my outdoor gardens where they have the freedom of movement and exploration .Often they don't even realize they are being photographed and we can truly capture their playful spirit.




My main goal in our session together is to capture your child's personality. I use "props" as a way to relax a baby or child and spark curiosity and play. But my "props" do not take away from my subject. My portraits are all about the eyes, the smile, that cute little grin or that shy face peeking over mom's shoulder. I do encourage moms to bring that special blanket or their favorite toy to incorporate into the session. And always.... if you have a unique idea regarding your session, let me know,

I love to try new setups and make your sessions as personal as possible.




The background in a portrait should not be the first thing you see. Your child and his expression should be the main focal point. Since the eye is drawn to the part of the portrait that has the most contrast, you will probably want that to be your child's face. The best way to do this is to have the clothing and background colors be similar to each other, or have the clothes and background be similar in light and darkness.




Clothing should be SIMPLE so that the attention in the final portrait will be focused on your child. First of all, be absolutely sure that your new clothes fit well. Many times I have clients bring the new clothes to the studio with the tags on, only to find that it's too big or too small. Please try on your outfit(s) before your photo session. Solid-colored fabrics photograph best. Avoid bold patterns such as plaids, stripes, polka dots, flowers, etc... Choose a style of clothing (either formal or casual) that will fit into the room in which you plan on displaying the portrait. When photographing children you will end up with many full-length poses, thus emphasizing the importance of appropriate shoes, socks, and pants. BAREFOOT is always a great option and so cute!

Remember we are here to capture your child's spirit and personality... not their "clothing". I've had several Mom's show up at the studio with 5 to 6 clothing changes... THIS DOES NOT WORK WELL WITH CHILDREN. We usually have a short window, 30 minutes to 1 hour tops with little ones... and when we start changing their clothing to make sure we got their portrait in every outfit, we loose focus and mood and in turn we usually have a fussy child on our hands... The less changes the better!




Natural smiles are always better than fake or cheesy smiles. A real smile makes the eyes sparkle, dimples show, and the face just glows. To get a natural smile, you can't tell a baby, child or even an adult to "SMILE" or "Say Cheese." It's worth the wait for the child to become relaxed and comfortable through play and patience. That's when their true spirit and natural expressions shine through.

Smiles are NOT always important in making a beautiful portrait. No one smiles all of the time, but we all have other natural expressions which are sweet, adorable and unique. These expressions often are a window into your true personality and when captured on film, the genuine personality will come through in the photograph. So..... When you discuss the upcoming photography session with your Children, please, please, please do not instruct them to "Smile". Simply let them know how excited you are about the photography session and leave the rest to me!




I never force a pose... Either it works or it doesn't! I allow the child to sit, crawl, or stand in the way they normally do. The best photographs of children are when they are spontaneously playing or curiously checking things out. It takes some patience, but it's so worth it!

Let's talk about all of the Newborn poses you see on Pinterest.... Many of those poses are composite shots, which is 2 images that have been merged together in Photoshop. Hands are on the baby the entire time to ensure safety of the baby first. As a well train and educated photographer, I will never sacrifice safety for a pose, or force a baby into a pose that causes obvious discomfort.  



Moms... PLEASE do NOT try out the "new" hair style for our photo session. We are looking to capture your child as they are... so when you straighten that gorgeous curly hair for the portrait... little "Amy" doesn't even look like Amy and now you are wondering why it doesn't look like Amy in the images... It goes the same way for the boys. Don't get a buzz cut right before you come in for your session...

And MOST importantly... MOMS, please do NOT cut your own child's hair, (unless you are a licensed hairdresser). Those bangs are suppose to be close to the eyebrow, not close to the hairline... oops




If anyone in the group wears glasses everyday, we should take the images with the glasses on... Again, we are looking to capture your child (and adults) as they are! So plan on wearing your glasses for the session.

Please let me know prior to our session that we do have someone wearing glasses... my lighting will be set up totally different, so let me know in advance and I will be all ready for you.